It’s a new day

Manufacturers that were forced to allow employees to work remotely were faced with the challenge of digitalizing their data and replacing manual processes/Excel with one-off, purpose-built application offerings. Sharing spreadsheets remotely, a labor shortage and the need to validate claims to avoid physically touching the claims, all soon became glaring challenges. 

Now, many manufacturers are in fact focusing beyond digitalization to digital transformation and even utilizing AI in an effort to drive RGM and optimize operations through the supply chain with cost control/improvement.


Digitalizing data or data conversion adds efficiency by reducing manual operations.

Cost Roller Coaster &
Keeping Margins Whole

Keep your
eyes open

The proof is in the
pudding or the margins

Peeling back
the onion

The Tangled Web of
Complex Markets

The heat 
is on

The dominoes
are falling

Palatable management
of complex markets

Labor Wading Pool:
Manual Processing

It takes
the cake



It’s a
new day