You deserve the whole pie

Why settle for a piece when you deserve the whole pie? You probably do not have centralized cost components, defined margin thresholds or controls/compliance alerts for the end user who is negotiating the contracts. Manufacturers need to integrate and centralize cost components into their contract pricing application with smart contract pricing to achieve control.

Smart contract pricing includes updated cost impacts to a selling unit in real-time:

You also need to capture allowances, set a dead net and create alerts for prevention.

Cost Roller Coaster &
Keeping Margins Whole

Keep your
eyes open

The proof is in the
pudding or the margins

Peeling back
the onion

The Tangled Web of
Complex Markets

The heat 
is on

The dominoes
are falling

Palatable management
of complex markets

Labor Wading Pool:
Manual Processing

It takes
the cake



It’s a
new day